Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March Glossy Box 2014 - Beauty Blossom Edition


I'm just gonna start off this post with I think this months glossy box is rubbish! :( Sooooo disappointed! After a great box last month this one is so so poor! I got 2 perfume samples which I think shouldn't count as a product and I also received 2 make up items which I don't use as I don't wear make up!!! I don't see why we have to fill out the survey to find out what we like and don't like and then they end up sending totally opposite things! Ugh I am annoyed.....anyway here's what's in the box this month.

Mitchell and Peach - Body Cream    
"With English honey, organic cocoa, vitamin B5 and shea butter, this Mitchell and Peach body cream is perfect to leave you feeling as though you've taken a walk in the English countryside".
This is probably the only thing I like in the box. It smells soooo nice and the ingredients sound amazing so I'm excited to give this a skin has been so so dry recently so maybe this will make it nice and smooth :).
Application - "Apply liberally after showering to leave your skin feeling soft and smelling beautiful".
Full size - £36.00 for 180ml                       Shop at -

Sleek MakeUP - Pout Polish     
"Strike a stunning selfie with Pout Polish by Sleek. This tinted balm is full of nourishment, and with SPF15, almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E, it will leave your pout looking perfect".
I've received the Pout Paints from Sleek before and didn't like them as they were very "in your face" and quite messy but this doesn't seem to be as bad. I did just give it a try and it's not as noticeable which is good for me as I don't like a colour on my lips. I think I'll give this a chance and then decide if I like it or not but yeah....wasn't exactly excited to see this but don't get me wrong...the colour is gorge, I got a pinky purple colour.
Application - "A little goes a long way, so use a small amount on the edge of your finger or lip brush for the best results".
Full size - £4.49 for 10g                                Shop at -

Bellápierre Cosmetics Ltd - Shimmer Powders
"This 100% pure Mica shimmering eye shadow will provide you with a long lasting vibrant colour without smearing, creasing or fading".
Not impressed with this at all. Such a waste :( Who knows.....I might have a giveaway soon and include some of the products that I don't use in it :).
Application - "This powder is the ultimate multi-use product. As well as an eye shadow, it can be mixed into blusher, nail polish or lip gloss to create your own custom make-up! Check out Bellápierre's website for further uses and application techniques".
Full size - £12.99 for 2.35g                             Shop at -

Juicy Couture - Malibu Collection  
"Meet us in Malibu with Juicy Couture's Malibu Collection! This fragrance blends the spirit of carefree Cali with Glam LA and we love it!". these do smell reallllly good but still think it's bad that I got 2!!! 
Application - "Spritz on for scent of sparkling fruit and sensuous blossoms".
Full size - £47.00 for 75ml                             Shop at -

Dove Hair Therapy - Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot
"Now you don't have to choose between beauty and hair care with this intensive treatment! It's the perfect pick-me-up for haircare in a hurry and you can even take it on holiday to revive damaged hair from the sun".
I will use this for def as my hair is in a not so good condition so wont let this go to waste but it's still a bit meh!
Application - "Use after shampooing for 60 seconds, avoiding the roots and rinse out for beautifully soft, strong hair with a keratin boost!".
Full size - £1.49 for 15ml                   Shop at - or instore at Superdrug.

Yeah so that's what I got. Were you happy with your box or were you disappointed as well? I keep saying this every time I get a rubbish box that I'm gonna see what next months is like cause I can't bring myself to cancel! Hahaha! Oh! And another thing I wasn't happy about.....they changed their delivery service which I think is worse now! I used to get my box the day after dispatch day at around 9am every morning which was excellent service I thought but now that most people have complained they weren't receiving their boxes as quick they've now changed the mailing service to Royal Mail which delays it for me now :( Look at me getting all grumpy....better go haha! Thanks for reading dolls! xoxo

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