Sunday, 16 February 2014

February Glossy Box 2014 - Valentines Edition

Hey! I am so excited to share with you guys what I got in my February glossy box!! It's been one of my fave ones.......actually probably my fave one yet and to make it even better it was free as I had my glossy dots to redeem. WIN! This is the Valentines edition and just look at the box! I love themed boxes! :D

Eldora - Eyelashes
"Every cosmetic connoisseur will adore these simple and beautiful, high quality lashes by Eldora. Their extensive range means there's a style to suit everyone."
Every girl likes to try out different false lashes don't they? So I'm looking forward to trying these ones out. They're not too outrageous for myself as I don't like big thick long ones, these look more on the natural side I guess. I'm not the best at applying fake eyelashes but I'll give it a go. I also haven't heard of this brand before which I guess is always nice to get a brand unknown to yourself to give you the chance to try it out!
Application - "Remove lashes from their platform, gently apply the lash adhesive onto the band and wait until the glue is slightly tacky. Pressing gently, rest just above the base of your own natural lash beginning at the corner working outwards and you'll have fantastic looking lashes in a flutter."
Full size - from £3.99                                 Shop at -

Ciaté London - Paint Pot
"Do you want stunningly sophisticated looking nails? Look no further than a Ciaté Paint Pot. These lovingly chosen and high performance formulas provide you with an effortless nail colour."
This is what I most excited to get! I have never tried this brand of nail polish before and have wanted to for ages but again it's a brand that is quite pricey and could never bring myself to get one. The packaging is gorgeous and of course so is this colour! It's a pinky purply colour and I can't wait to try it out! I will probably do a separate post on this and even better this is full size! :D
Application - "Apply one coat of Ciaté polish leaving to dry before you apply the second coat covering the top of the nail, then apply the "speed coat" (top coat) to seal in your manicure."
Full size - £9.00 for 13.5ml                        Shop at -

Maybelline New York - Big Eyes Mascara
"Double the drama with Maybelline's first eye-opening double bursh mascara. Built with specific upper and lower lash brushes, Big Eyes Mascara produces an all-around eye-opening effect."
Believe it or not I was actually just looking at this mascara the other day when I was in work and was tempted to buy it! I'm so glad I didn't! This is a brand new mascara and it looks so good! It has two brushes - one for the top lashes and a smaller brush for the bottoms lashes. I never normally wear mascara on my bottom eye lashes simple because the brush is always too big and it ends up all down my cheek but this, I am excited to try!!
Application - "Build up application for flirtatious false lash effect."
Full size - £8.99                                           Shop at -

Nougat London - Sparkling Body Shimmer

"Add radiance to your skincare regime with Sparkling Body Shimmer. This body lotion with mallow extract, vitamin E and wheatgerm enriched oil will leave your skin luxuriously perfumed with a hint of sparkle."
This is such a nice shimmery pink colour and very generous sample size of 100ml. I don't really use body lotions but am willing to give it a try as it looks too nice to neglect.
Application - "Apply the body lotion and let dry for the look of radiant glamour. Use on you décolletage (what is that??) to create a flowing effect or on your legs to create the illusion of them being longer."
Full size - £14.00 for 250ml                       Shop at -

Giovanni Eco Chic cosmetics - Chic ultra-moist range OR Chic ultra-sleek range
"Giovanni Eco Chic cosmetics is the #1 selling natural hair care brand in the United States. Contains natural ingredients including Moroccan argan pols, avocado and papaya to treat and nourish your hair and scalp."
I'm not really a fan of receiving foil packets in these beauty boxes as you can get them free from magazines and things but as these are shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask which I am always going to need then I'm not going to complain :) I'm excited to try the hair mask as I've never tried one before.
Application - "See packaging"
Full size - Shampoo and Conditioner £7.99 for 251ml.....doesn't say how much hair mask is:(

Lindt - Lindor Treat Bar
"Indulge yourself with Lindt's most famous chocolate, Lindor. Its irresistibly smooth and melting filling makes it a perfect little treat at any time."
This was a bonus! A very generous size of chocolate bar! I love the Lindt chocolate balls so this was so nice to receive! This however did not last long at all! Haha!
One size - £0.79 for one bar (38g), £16.59 for 24 bars             
Shop at - Tesco, Sainsburys for single bar and at for a multi-pack.

Let me know if you got anything different in your box because I'd love to see! Leave your link to your glossy box post in the comments. For my January box click the link :) xoxo

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