Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ootn - Date night!

Hey dolls! So unfortunately it's the last day of the holidays for most people today apart from myself who went back to work today but since it was my boyfriends last day here we decided to go out for tea then to the cinema for one last time. Honestly we have totally taken advantage of him being home by going out for tea looooooads, I feel so chubby! :P As cheesy as it sounds I like to call our wee nights out our "Date Night". We had a lovely meal at one of our favourite restaurants and then went to see the new Paranormal Activity film which I thought was okay. 
So yeah I thought I'd share with you what I wore. Just a simple look really, hair pinned back with a few kirby grips (bobby pins) and some eye liner and mascara. The dress is from Primark which I got in the sale for £5!!! This was a while a go though so I'm not sure if they would still have it. I love the colours in it especially the blue and orange and it also has a cute little cut out just under the chest which I think is so flattering. xoxo

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