Sunday, 22 December 2013

Yankee Candle 12 Sample Gift Set

Hey guys! Not long now until Christmas!! Who's excited?? I am :D Are you still looking to find something to get somebody but you don't know what?? Well this gift might just be the answer! I was looking in Clinton Cards the other day trying to choose a nice Yankee Candle for my boyfriends mum but I could not decide which one to get. They all smell amaaaaaazingggg and I just wanted to eat them all! Haha! I really wasn't sure what scent his mum would like and because I'm younger I tend to prefer all the sweet smells which I don't think she'd like. Anyways I stood with my nose in all the candles for a good 15 minutes when I looked up at the price list and seen these little book like things which I thought were just cardboard decorations and that's when I saw someone pick one up so it got me intrigued. I opened it up and it had all these mini samples of all the different scents! This was perfect as now instead of me having to decide on a scent his mum can try out all of them! 
From top to bottom we have:

Christmas Eve
Christmas Cookie
Christmas Rose
Snow In Love
Sparkling Cinnamon
Snowflake Cookie (my favie)
Red Apple Wreath
Sugared Apple
Merry Marshmallow
Apple and Pine Needle
Cranberry Ice
Christmas Memories

I really do think this is a great gift as it will leave someones home smelling lovely at Christmas time and even they can burn one candle a month as there are 12 of them.....I know they are Christmas scents but I would still burn them at any time of the year :P This was £19.99 which is not too shabby. Which is your favourite scent of Yankee Candle? xoxo


  1. I would definitely buy this for myself, I love yankee candles!
    Really like your blog, glad I found it!


    1. I know it's so nice ay! My boyfriend also bought this for my mum so I might just have to steal some :P Thanks for checking out my blog! xoxo