Sunday, 15 December 2013

December Glossy Box 2013 - Christmas Edition

Hey! It's that time of the month again where I show you what I received in that fabulous little box I get every month. Yes it's my Christmas edition Glossybox! This month it came in a gorgeous red box with a Christmas tree design on the front, red tissue paper with a cute candy cane print that was tied with a white ribbon and for the paper things in side they were green this time! So nice! So I'm just gonna get straight into showing you what I got.                      

Wilkinson Sword Intuition - Naturals Razor        
"Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals is a 3 in 1 razor that lathers, moisturises and shaves. Your party essential for ready to bare legs this Christmas".
I was so excited to see a razor as it's something I wouldn't have thought I would ever get so yeah I can't wait to give this a go! If you'd like me to do a review on it let me know in the comments.
Application - "Use in bath or shower. Wet the skin conditioning solid to activate. Keep both skin and razor wet as you shave, press gently".
Full size - £6.49                                           Shop at -

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Nude Lip Gloss    
"This jojoba, non sticky, Beautiful Movements Cosmetic Nude Lip Gloss is the perfect shade, essential for the festive party season!".
I'm not overly excited about this product but I am willing to give a go and see if it does live up to what it says about it being "non sticky". I'm also trying to try new things and branch out into the make up world so yeah will def give this a try :)
Application - "Apply as desired for a gorgeous glossy pout".
Full size - £12 for 8ml (this one is a sample size at 4ml)        

Seche - Seche Nail Lacquer
"Seche nail polish delivers pure colour saturation, allowing for one coat coverage and a satin smooth finish, which dries quickly".
Yey!! I nail polish! I loooooove getting nail polishes quite simply because I think I'm addicted to them! Also look at the colour!! It's bright pink!!'s not very Christmassy is it? I can't complain though :D Very excited to give this a try also it's a full size product!
Application - "Start with applying a base coat, such as Seche Base. Apply a single coat of Seche Nail Lacquer to the nail. Apply a further coat if required. Finish with a top coat, for best results use Seche Vite".
Full size - £9.95 for 14ml                                       Shop at -

Maybelline New York - Colour Tattoo 24hr Eye Shadow  
"Dare to get inked with Maybelline's innovative pigment technology for a super-saturated shadow. Cream gel formula smoothes on vivid colour that's fade-resistant".
Again not too fussed about this eye shadow but still a good full size product to receive :)
Application - "Use Colour Tattoo 24hr eye shadow for a flash of colour on your eyes, or to line the upper and lower lashes for added intensity".
Full size - £4.99                                             Shop at -

Lipsy London - Glam            
"Glam is Lipsy London's new glamorous and striking fragrance, sure to get you noticed!"
I don't mind receiving samples of perfumes but you guys know that I would prefer it in a slightly bigger bottle so it lasts a wee bit longer. However....this scent is gorgeous! Once it's settled on the skin it smells even better! I'm not sure how to describe the smell but just take my word for it that it's gorge! :P
Full size - £25 for 50ml                                     Shop at -

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  1. This looks amazing :-) I might have to sign up for these in the new year!! xxx

    1. Yeah you def should! It's so exciting waiting for a box every month and not knowing what's inside :D xoxo

  2. The bright pink polish looks like a really fun colour to wear, though I agree not exactly traditionally Christmassy. The Maybeline Color Tattoos are great cream shadows - my favourite is Bad to the Bronze :)

    1. I know you would think they'd have put a red nail polish in. My friend got a white one in hers?! Cool thanks for letting me know and thanks for checking out my post :) xoxo