Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Girl Can Dream...

A Girl Can Dream

  1. TopShop Faux Fur Leather Jacket - £58.00
  2. Blue V Neck Backless Flare Dress - £21.00
  3. Pandora March Birthstone Earrings - £45.00
  4. Bikini So Teeny Essie Nail Polish - £7.99
  5. Black Mini Structured Tote Bag - £30.00
  6. Black Chunky Cut Out Boots - £30.00
I absolutely love everything in this wish list! I've asked for the leather jacket for my Christmas as I have a thing for them and love them and when they have a fur colour I fall even more in love with them! This one is the same as my other leather jacket with the white fur colour but I need it in black!!! I hope you're reading this Santa :P I've also just realised that this wish list is very similar to that one haha! 
I'm sure I've included the earrings in another one as well but I still want them :( I have the ring so need to matching earrings duh! Haha! As for the dress! This is just gorgeous and it's from Amazon and only £21.00!!! It looks really good quality but who knows if it actually is. It also comes in black, baby pink and white which are all gorgeous! I would probably get it in all colours haha! Unfortunately, as it's low cut I don't think it would look good on me as I'm not very busty so don't have the boobs for it :( Oh well.
The bag and boots are just a must have for this time of year! I've wanted these boots for a long time but they are quite expensive so these ones from New Look aren't too expensive and look very similar apart from they don't have the gold detailing. 
To finish off the outfit this nail polish from Essie is just gorgeous and goes so well with the dress!


  1. Oh my goodness that blue dress is so pretty! And such a pretty color too :)


    1. The colour is gorgeous isn't it? So pretty xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. I know! I'm hoping to get the jacket for my xmas! Fingers crossed! xoxo