Tuesday, 13 May 2014

50 Years Of Superdrug


Hey! Another nail polish post I'm sorry but I couldn't resist showing you what I got! Superdrug are celebrating 50 years of being open and have some limited edition products for it....one being a new nail polish from BarryM! I saw this on someones blog and had to get it as it's so gorgeous! It's pink and has bits of glitter in it! I've already tried this and feel it's going to go gloopy quite quickly as do any of the other glitter ones from BarryM but hey ho. I went to get this but of course...I can't go to the BarryM counter and only get 1 nail polish, especially when they've got the 3 for 2 deal on....it's just too hard to resist! I have a problem I know! 
OMG THUNDER!!!....Sorry about that I hate thunder :(
Back to the post....So yeah I couldn't decide which other 2 to go for so picked up the other 2 polishes from the Silk collection which I didn't get, so now my collection is complete :D 

                          Truffle           Meadow            Birthday Superdrug

If you're planning on getting the Birthday one then I'd get it now as I can see this selling out as it's soooooo pretty! If you're interested in the other colours in the Silk collection then just click the link :). If you've tried any of these colours I'd love to know what you think! xoxo


  1. I love nail polish. I never seem to have enough. Haha. These colors are gorgeous!


    1. Haha same! My boyfriend is getting a bit fed up of it cause my collection is growing and growing haha! Oh well I need them!! :p thanks for checking out my blog xoxo