Monday, 5 October 2015


1 year ago my friend Rachel decided to start her own Facebook page called Curlywurlycrafts where she makes frames for people to buy for themselves or to give as a gift to someone for birthdays, engagement/wedding presents, new home, new baby etc.
You can obviously design the frame by simply messaging Rachel via her Facebook page and letting her know the ideas you have for what you like to see in the frame such as what the occasion is, do you want to add photos to it?, do you have a colour scheme you want to stick to? and so on.

I think this was such a great idea of hers and I am so proud at how well she is doing...she is constantly making new frames which just proves everyone loves the idea and thinks she is really good at it. It's also a great little hobby!

The frames also range in different sizes and so prices will vary also. For information on prices just give her a message if you like :)
She also posts internationally which is great as sometimes when people are just starting out with a little business like this, they tend to keep it within their area, so yeah, brilliant!

I'll share some of my personal favourite frames she's made here but to see all of her frames she's made within the year, please go check out her Facebook page and give it a like. 


  1. Your friend is super talented - and it's such a lovely idea! The heart made out of butterflies is TOO cute! I also love the wedding frame - and the heart one above it.
    Thank you for sharing :)
    Lucy @ Lucy—Loves xx

    1. Yeah she is very talented! Aw that's no problem! I wanted everyone to see her amazing work and give them ideas for gifts and things :) xo