Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Review: Kiss Cosmetics - Volumetric Lust Mascara

Hey everyone! I was recently contacted by the lovely team at Kiss Cosmetics asking if I would be interested in reviewing their new volumising mascara which will be launching on their website on the 10th of June! 

I accepted as mascara is one of the main pieces of make-up that I wear all the time and couldn't wait to try a new one!
Kiss Cosmetics are a new brand and in the past year connected with lots of beauty bloggers and had us all involved with the designing of their products. It was so much fun getting to vote which was our favourite packaging design of a certain lipstick ect. so it was nice to actually feel part of the production of each product.

I am so impressed with this mascara! It definitely lengthens your eye lashes to make them look super long and amazing! One thing I noticed was the liquid itself is very wet so it takes a while to dry however this may be a good thing as it might stop the mascara from drying out so quickly. Also I'm not sure what I think of the looks to me a little bit cheap looking with the glittery lid...everything else about the packaging I love! 

I also prefer plastic brushes to fibre ones which this mascara has but I believe the fibre brush helps to get a hold of the lashes to separate them while the product is being supplied.

Please excuse this horrible close up of my face (and my eyebrows, I need to get them waxed) but here is what my eyelashes look like after applying a small amount of the product to them. They are so much longer than when they are without any mascara. 
Overall I am really impressed with this new mascara and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a new mascara to try or you haven't quite found the right mascara for lengthening your lashes!

The Volumetric Lust Mascara will retail at £9.00 which is quite reasonable for a mascara and I believe this one will last a while and not dry out as before I said the liquid is very wet.

*PR Sample

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