Sunday, 19 January 2014

My Week In Pictures - Week #1


Okay so this post realllllllly late I'm sorry but I've still got time left! This post is gonna be the hardest one for me I think because my life is kinda boring at times so I'm sorry if the pictures aren't that great. I have been in Edinburgh this weekend though so I did some exciting things :)

1. When I turned up to work on Monday I parked my car, switched the engine off and turned to my left to grab my bag when I looked up and saw this dog staring at me! I could not stop laughing I found it hilarious! It looks like a little old woman! And to make it even funnier it's wearing a body warmer jacket hahaha! So yeah I couldn't resist taking a photo :P.

2. Whilst through in Edinburgh me and my boyfriend decided to have a day in Glasgow on Friday so as we were walking down one of the streets I just happened to look up and seen a pair of trainers tied to a cable line.....not something you see everyday so I thought I'd take a photo.

3. So of course we had to go to Krispy Kreme now there's one in Edinburgh! We got the box of 12 and chose our own! They are amazingggggg and yes we ate most of them! Fatties I know :(

4. We also went to the cinema to see the new film The Wolf Of Wall Street with the gorgeous Leonardo Dicaprio. It was realllllly good and would totally recommend it but it does go on for about 3 hours so be prepared!

5. After the cinema we went to Nandos! My boyfriend had never been before and didn't really see why everyone was mad for it but now that he's been he's addicted like everybody else!

6. Before the cinema and tea we took a trip to Ikea cause we needed to get a few things for the house as I am moving in with him :D :D :D and I came across this cute little lantern. It looks gorgeous when it's lit and just makes the place a bit more girly as it's too boyish at the moment! Haha!

So that's my week in pictures I hope you like it. I hope to get better at getting into the habit of taking more photos during the week to make this post better. xoxo


  1. What a lovely post! Love the lantern, might just have to purchase that one myself ;) xxx

    1. Aw thank you :) Yeah it's so cute! I'm sure it was only like £2.50 or something :) xoxo