Saturday, 15 August 2015

Got A Secret...

Hello lovely ladies! 
So this week was the week where we all found out who "A" is in Pretty Little Liars after waiting for soooooo long and I don't know about you but to be honest I was actually a little disappointed. I wont say who it is incase someone who doesn't watch it but is planning on doing so in the future is reading this although I'm pretty sure there is no escaping in finding out as it is all over the internet but don't worry I wont spoil it as that is one of the things that I hate most....people spoiling a TV show for me. 

I just feel after waiting this long it wasn't that "oh my god" moment I was waiting for. I had my expectations that it was going to be said person however when I also had the thought in my head "no it can't be....that's too obvious" and I guess that's why I was disappointed. 
As the episode went on things started to make sense but then I was like "come on....really??" 
I don't want to sound like I didn't enjoy the mid season finale because I was just again disappointing. There are still SO many questions unanswered like:
 Who shot Ezra in New York? 
Who killed Mrs D? 
Did the mums get out of the basement? 
Where were the boys (Ezra, Toby and Calebwhen A revealed themselves? 
What do the boys think of the whole situation? 
Where were the boys when the girls were leaving?
I will be honest though....the ending did leave me excited as I know there is a lot more to the story and we are in for more treats :D

What are your thoughts on the "Big A Reveal"?


  1. Marlene responded to some questions online. Shana shot Ezra, Miss D's killer is being kept a secret. A lot of what happened was Charlotte and Shana.

  2. I've only just started watching PLL (so thanks for no spoilers!) - I've got a long way to go before finding out who A is, but I'm already hooked!
    Jennifer x
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  3. I was pretty disappointed too! After so many years, I thought they could have been a little more imaginative!

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  4. I was so disapointed! Like, the other reveals have all had the *suck breath in* moments, but this one like, oh. It didn't really explain much at all, and I know transgender is in the press a ot, so they could have focused on that, and shown how hard it is, and why A is A. But it was just brushed off. Really weird ending too, like a end of forever ending. Apart from the last few seconds, the goodbye seemed final.
    I wonder if it picks up 5 yearsin the future then, as that didin't make sense at all.
    I am all sorts of confused with the mid season finale and need more answers, just like always ha!