Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Favourite YouTubers

Hey guys! One thing I love doing is watching YouTube videos and I actually spend most of my spare time doing so, so I wanted to let you know who my favourite YouTubers are.
YouTube became a huge interest to me about 7 years ago when I realised people can actually make a living out of making videos and simply uploading them to YouTube. That's when I came across all these different people.

The Shaytards are the first people I came across and could not stop watching their videos! They started as a family of 5 - Shay, Collette, Sontard, Princesstard and Babytard. They used nicknames for their kids to start with as they didn't want to share their real names but now they do. They started daily vlogging and uploading a video everyday for a year which then continued for 5 years!! Since then they have had another 2 children (Rocktard and Brotard) and are just the most perfect family ever! 
I could write about them forever but I'd rather if you checked them out for yourselves :)

You all know who Zoella is right? So I don't really have to go into who she is and what she does. I just love watching her videos, especially when she does daily vlogs. I love watching what a typical day for her is like and just seeing what her and her boyfriend Alfie get up to....which takes me to my next fave.....

Alfie is just so much fun to watch. He does daily vlogging all the time so again it's great to see what they get up to. He also has a gaming channel where he uploads videos of him and Zoe playing the sims which is always a good laugh.

Another one from the YouTube friends group Tanya! She is so funny with some of the things she comes out with when she does her daily vlogs. I love her cosmetics range, especially her nail polishes. Her videos are so helpful from make up tips to skin care.

Eleventhgorgeous are sisters Stef and Tracey who upload a different range of beauty videos including hauls, beauty tips, beauty favourites and unboxing videos which are my favourite of theirs to watch! These girls are great fun!

Smosh are definitely two of my favourite YouTubers....I wish they were my friends haha! Me and my boyfriend watch these two (Ian and Anthony) all the time and kill ourselves laughing at how silly they both are! If you haven't seen any of there videos then you seriously need to go check them out, I guarantee they will make you laugh.....I'm laughing now just thinking about them!

Corey is so funny! I love the way he edits his videos He's also a daily vlogger and has just recently started them again as he had a break. He's a good laugh and just a really nice person to that sounds really creepy haha!!

I do have more that I spend all my time watching but these 7 I'd say are in my top 10.

Do you have any favourite YouTubers? Let me know because I'm always looking for more people to watch :).

All photos taken from Google Images.


  1. I LOVE Zoe, Alfie, and Tanya! My favorite family vloggers are the SacconeJolys and ItsJudysLife :)

    1. They're great aren't they?! I've seen the SacconeJolys in Alfie and Zoe's vlogs but haven't watched their videos. I've not heard of ItJudysLife though so I'll check them out :) xoxo

  2. I have met Zoe and Tanya! So exciting to hug them and take a photo... though I would have loved to chat with them more.. maybe one day :) I love Alfie too but I'm not as dedicated with watching his videos.


    1. You're so lucky!!! :( I want to meet them! Alfie was supposed to be coming to Edinburgh to do a book signing but it's still not happened yet! xoxo

  3. We have very similar YouTube subscriptions, lol! (-: I absolutely love Zoe and Zoe & Alfie's Sims videos. xD I really do need to check out the Shaytards...I've heard so much about them! You've probably heard of these YouTubers but I think you'd like PrankvsPrank, The Fine Bros, Good Mythical Morning, and Kingsley. (:

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M

  4. Aw really? It's so nice to speak to someone who (apart from my bf and brother) gets YouTube as the rest of my friends and family don't really understand it haha! Yeah you should totally watch Shaytards they are great and bring lots of smiles!
    I've heard of some of those YouTubers but will check out the others. My brother loves PrankvsPrank! xoxo