Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I'm moving!

Hello my lovelies! Just wanted to write a quick post to update you on what's going on in my life at the moment. Back in November last year my boyfriend asked me to move in with him which meant me moving to Edinburgh as that's where he lives....I said yes of course and cannot wait!!! I love Edinburgh. I put in for a transfer at my work and it has taken so long to go through and it finally has! My last day at my job is the 3rd of April and I will starting my new job on the 8th which means I have to move next weekend! It's all been a bit of shock to me because I had planned in my head that I was gonna have till May to get sorted but they need me ASAP, so it's now or never basically. I'm super excited but scared at the same time!
As I'll be busy packing, moving and getting settled in my new home (eeeee weird saying that) I might not be able to post as regularly as I have been but once I'm all done with everything I will get back on track! 
Just thought I owed it to my lovely followers and readers to let you know this :) Thanks for being patient. xoxo


  1. Have fun moving! I know most hate it but I love deciding what I want to keep, reorganizing and the whole process... Xx

  2. Thanks hun I'll try my best to! Yeah it's amazing what you find when looking through everything! Finding things I've forgotten I've bought! :P xoxo