Monday, 3 February 2014

Topshop Wish List

Beautysets - Topshop Wish List

Hello my lovelies! I'm starting off the week with another wish list post. I love doing these because it's basically shopping online for things you can't afford at the moment which I suppose isn't the part I like about it but I love putting outfits together. I don't normally shop in Topshop as I think everything is very overpriced but I've found some things I really want!

  1. Fur Collar Leather Jacket - So I actually I have to admit that I have this jacket already so technically I don't "wish" for this item but I love it so much I thought it looked amaze with this outfit. My friend wore this jacket to a party we were at and I fell in love with it right away! She told me she got it in the sale in Topshop so I thought right away there was no chance of me getting one. Later on in January I was in town shopping as I had a gift card for Topshop that I had to spend. I went to the sale section right away and couldn't believe it when I saw this jacket...there was loads of them left! I had to get it! It was reduced to £45 which is really good for a leather jacket and I looooove the white fur around the collar. My gift card was for £30 so I only paid £15 towards it...BARGAIN!
  2. Pink Playsuit - Let's just take a moment to look at how GORGEOUS this playsuit is......This is the most gorgeous pink colour ever and apparently it's got lace at the back. I saw an orange version of this when I was in the shop at the time I was buying my jacket and it had an amazing black lace panel on the back so I can only imagine how gorgeous it looks on this one. I can't remember how much this is but I seem to remember it was something like £50.
  3. Heart Necklace - A cute little heart necklace just to add to the look of the outfit. I'm a bit obsessed with hearts at the moment so thought this would look nice :) 
  4. Bag - Every girl needs to update their bag every so often so this plain black bag was perfect for this look I thought. I always have to go for a bag that's got a long strap as I get bored carrying it by the handles although this would look really nice carrying it on the wrist if that makes sense?
  5. Ankle Boots - I am in love with these!! They are the perfect ankle boots I've ever seen! They're quite expensive, something like £80-£90 I think, but they look very good quality and would probably last a long time. The heel isn't too high so my feet wouldn't get sore (I am terrible in heels) and just the overall detailing is amazing! I love how they have cut outs beside the buckles and I loooooove the gold trimming on the heel!
  6. Sunglasses - I also have a bit of an obsession for sunglasses so thought why the hell not throw in a pair to finish off the look. I love big sunglasses as I like to pretend I'm a Kardashian hahaha! 
Hope you enjoyed. Have you read my Essie nail polish wish list? xoxo


  1. I love those boots! I wouldn't be able to wear them much though as I'm no good with small heals!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. They're so amazing! Haha I'm the opposite I'm rubbish in big heels :p xoxo