Thursday, 9 January 2014

Cheap Gift Sets

Hey! As some of you may know, I said I was going to do a "Magazine Bargain Of The Month" post every month to see what freebies I could find. Sadly this month no magazines have any! Well....that's from the magazines that Tesco sell anyway. So instead, I am going to this post on other bargains that I found at Tesco! These were all gift sets that were available at Christmas time and now they have all been reduced to mega cheap prices!          


Gillette  Fushion - I wasn't going to include this as it's not for girls but I'd like to think there are some boys who read beauty blogs too :P So this used to be £15.00 and I got it for £3.75!! Total bargain! It comes with shaving gel, a razor, deodorant and moisturiser. I picked this up for my boyfriend as I'm sure he will get the use out of it.

Baylis and Harding Candy Bathtime Sweet Temptations - I couldn't resist this! This comes with 4 different products but you get 2 of each. It contains:
  • Strawberry Swirl shower creme 100ml
  • Cherry Candy Cane body was 100ml
  • Pink Peppermint body lotion 50ml
  • Candy Swirl body scrub 50ml
This was also £15.00 reduced to £3.75! Amazing! I can't wait to try these out and they all smell amazing.

Along Came Betty Bath Products - This was a total steal! These products can be quite expensive so I couldn't resist this bargain. This brand reminds me of Soap and Glory as the packaging is quite similar. This contains:
  • Clean Around The Clock shower wash 50ml
  • So Much Bubble bath soak 90ml
  • Say You Scrub Me body scrub 50ml
  • Shower Puff
This was normally £8.00 and I got it for £2.50! As I've been writing this I tried to open the cute little bag it comes in but the zip is broke so I can't get into it!! :( They're will probably be none left so gonna have to cut into it a think! Blooming typical!!! At least it was only £2.50 :P

Anatomicals - A Smacker In A Cracker - This is such a cute little stocking filler but Christmas has past now so too late! I really like the brand Anatomicals so I thought I'd pick this up. It includes breath freshener (10ml) and a tingling lip balm (15ml) both named "Snog me senseless" :P I probably wont use the breath freshener but I do love to try new lip balms. I can't remember what this originally was but I got it for an amazing 75p!!

Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland and Snowy Delight - And of course I couldn't resist going down the sweetie aisle with all the reduced Christmas chocolate! These were only 30p each so I got greedy and picked up 4! This is my diet! :P

So I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sorry there's no magazine bargain for now but hopefully next month will bring me some goodies! :D xoxo

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